Motor Vehicle Accident- Post Rehabilitation

In winters, heavy snow and causes more incidents of road mishaps per se. Injury from such occurrences varies from minor bruises to serious ones. Different people involved in accidents experience a different type of trauma, requiring proper rehabilitation to not affect their quality of life.

While we sit in a moving vehicle, our body also moves at high speed with it.  If the vehicle stops suddenly, it impacts our body in many ways. Some injuries may not even be evident immediately after the accident and show symptoms only after a few days.

Rehabilitation and primary therapy are vital to preventing minor wounds from becoming serious and requiring surgery later on.

Having stated that, most auto-related injuries can be assessed expertly by a physical therapist before you see your family doctor. You can consult our physio clinic Monterey Park Physiotherapydirectly, even without a doctor’s referral.

Our expert approach to Road Mishap Rehabilitation includes:

  •  A Thorough evaluation of body functions, pain, and range of motion
  • Retraining the neck stabilizers 
  • Initializing healing and restoration in the affected muscles and ligaments.
  • Help with mental trauma

Immediately after a Motor Vehicle Accident

No matter how small the incidence is, after a collision, you must stop your vehicle, turn on the parking indicators & check yourself as well as the fellow riders for any injury.

A strong impact can cause serious injury to any body part. And most importantly, get assessed by a physical therapist.

Physios at Goodwill are trained to evaluate accident cases for severe injuries that require additional medical intervention.

Your service is billed directly to the insurance company. Most car insurance covers medical expenses too.

Common Physical Consequences of Motor Accident

Sudden impact as that of a motor accident creates an intense force that causes trauma to the body.

Whiplash is the general term used to denote injuries sustained by sudden deceleration such as that in a collision. It is a complex condition including psychological problems such as anxiety or depression and physical symptoms.

It mainly constitutes:

  • Pain and stiffness in neck or back
  • TBI / Concussion
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Broken bones 


Again, accidental neck injuries by sudden impact are not immediately apparent. However, they may cause serious damage such as a herniated disc.

A herniation is torn in the discs present in the spine, the shoulder, and above area in this case. They cause pain and limitation of neck movement. 

They might take a long time to heal, however, physiotherapy can prove to be excellent in bringing you back to pre-accident healthy self.


It is a head injury that occurs when your head hits somewhere during a motor accident.

A concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI causes a headache, momentary amnesia, and confusion. It does not usually show up in MRI tests or X-rays. It takes time to heal.

Physiotherapy can greatly help the condition with manual therapy, stretching /strengthening exercises, balance, and vestibular exercises, and gradual exertion training.

It restores the brain to its normal activity and relieves headaches.


While seated in a car your seat belt is wrapped around one shoulder, a collision throws you forward with a strong impact.

It creates a twisting movement that puts the bent on the shoulder. It may cause deep bruising, strain, or ligament tear.

Ignoring them can make them persist and become worse with time,


Being jerked forward can also jam your knees against the dashboard if you are sitting in the front. Such type of direct trauma can injure the cartilage, the knee cap, or tear the meniscus.

It may take some time before it shows significant symptoms besides pain, so evaluation is important.

How Physical Therapy Helps to Rehabilitate

Physiotherapy helps you direct your energy on healing. After an accident,  see a physiotherapist as early as possible to avoid the potential risk of the insignificant injury becoming a lifetime disability.

At Monterey Park Physiotherapy,we empower you with a systematic approach to healing, regaining the health you had before the accident, and getting past the horrifying experience.

We serve you with compassion, cutting-edge technology, and a positive atmosphere. Our disciplined crew focuses on blending the best that medical science has to offer, blended with a human touch.

We gently motivate you to work towards recovery at a reasonable pace and to push yourself to new levels of success.

The Take-Away

It is always better to be aware of the location of a trauma center and emergency room close to your workplace and home where you usually drive about.

Road mishaps are unpredictable and this info is going to be handy.

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